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Innovators in the THC Seltzer Space

Shaking Up the Scene with Our Hemp-Derived THC Seltzers
Weed Drink

We're not just crafting cannabis seltzers at LOKI; we're spearheading a movement in the beverage space.

Our lineup of cannabis-infused drinks, featuring hemp-derived Delta 9 THC and the nifty Delta 8 THC drinks, is more than just a splash in the THC products pool. We're all about the fun without the fuss – low in the usual suspects (calories, carbs, sugars) but rich in natural flavors and good times.

Millenials and Gen Z pick LOKI Seltzers as their favorite alternative to alcohol

No Alcohol, Just Pure THC Infused Joy

In this new era of wellness and sobriety, we're proudly fronting the hemp-derived THC seltzers brigade. Our Delta 9 and D9 drinks are not your average cannabis products; they're a sophisticated dance of taste and euphoria, minus the alcohol blues. Every infused beverage we create is a testament to our commitment to innovation, taste, and health.

Setting Tomorrow's Trends with Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Here at LOKI, we're writing the playbook for the beverage industry's future. Our Delta 8 and D9 offerings aren't just drinks; they're a lifestyle. Quick effects, just-right THC per serving, and a spectrum of natural flavors – we're hitting all the right notes. It’s more than a trend; it’s a movement, and we're leading the charge with our cannabis-infused beverages.

Millennials and Gen Z's Go-To for Health-Conscious Fun

Say goodbye to the old-school party drinks. We’re creating what Millennials and Gen Z crave: health-friendly, low-calorie, sugar-free, THC-infused drinks. Our cannabis-infused seltzers are the perfect blend of wellness and whimsy, ticking all the boxes for the new generation's preferences.

  • 0 - 5 calories
  • 0 carbs
  • 0 sugars

For real.

LOKI: Your Covert Companion for Cannabis Enjoyment

We get it; discretion is key. That’s why our THC seltzers are perfect for those sneaky-chic moments. Whether it’s our Delta 9 THC seltzer or any of our THC-infused beverages, we’re all about blending in while standing out. These aren’t just drinks; they're your secret handshake into a world of refined cannabis enjoyment.

Leading the Charge in THC Cannabis Elixirs

Every drop of our Delta 9 drinks comes from carefully grown hemp, ensuring top-notch quality in every sip. Our THC-infused beverages are not just about style; they're about substance too. But, let's talk brass tacks – if you've got a medical condition or use prescription medications, a quick chat with your physician before enjoying our hemp-derived Delta 9 THC is a smart move.

A Friendly Word of Wisdom for THC Enthusiasts

Just a heads-up from us at LOKI: indulging in our seltzers might make you a star in a drug test. Knowing the effects of THC and its side effects is crucial. So, maybe hold off on operating machinery or embarking on any adventures post-seltzer. Available across the United States, we’re here to show you the sophisticated side of cannabis, responsibly and one sip at a time.