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Dry January's new wave of LOKI Weed Drinks

Dry January and most of us are looking to use that gym membership, or start eating either. That said, a lot of us are looking to reduce drinking alcohol. We don't know about you, but our hangovers now are not worth it what so ever!
Weed Drink


We're kicking off January with a healthy twist, and we all THC Seltzers make for a delicious, health-friendly choice this month.

The Rise of Weed Seltzers:

Cannabis drinks have been gaining significant popularity, particularly among individuals who prioritize their health and well-being. These drinks are popular because they give the advantages of cannabis without the problems of drinking alcohol. 'Cannabis drinks,' 'hemp drinks,' and 'healthy seltzers' are popular choices for health-conscious people doing Dry January.

Several factors have attributed to the rise in popularity of cannabis drinks. Firstly, these beverages offer a unique alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks, allowing individuals to enjoy a social experience without the negative effects of alcohol. This is particularly appealing to those who are looking to reduce their alcohol intake or abstain from it altogether.

Introducing LOKI Cannabis-Infused Seltzers

LOKI offers a range of carefully made cannabis seltzers for the refined taste bud. Flavors like Yuzu, Guava, Hibiscus Pear, and Lavender Peach bring a new twist to 'non-alcoholic drinks'.

Why is everyone choosing LOKI?

  • Exotic Flavors: Dive into unique tastes with LOKI's range – from Yuzu's sharpness to Hibiscus Pear's calm notes.
  • Healthy Make-up: With 0-5 calories, no carbs or sugars, and being natural, gluten-free, and vegan, LOKI seltzers are your guilt-free treat.
  • Cannabis Touch: Enjoy the gentle effects of THC (within legal limits), offering relaxation without alcohol's downsides.

We've got something for you, try Tropical Dry January Breeze using our Guava Flavor Cannabis Seltzer

  1. Pour one can of LOKI Guava Cannabis Seltzer into a tall glass.
  2. Add a splash of pineapple juice and a squeeze of fresh lime.
  3. Stir in a teaspoon of honey for sweetness (optional).
  4. Add ice cubes and garnish with a twig of thyme.
  5. Stir gently and enjoy a refreshing, tropical-inspired mocktail.
The Dry January Mocktail

A Step Above

Consumers want a brand they can trust. LOKI stands out with its health-focused flavors, topping some of the competitors out there. Our natural, inclusive (gluten-free and vegan) approach makes LOKI a top choice for those who value what they consume.

The Dry January Challenge:

This month is about finding healthier habits. LOKI seltzers are great for keeping up with your health and fitness goals and enjoying a great drink.

Special Dry January Promotion

Celebrate your health this January with 15% off our LOKI Weed-Infused Seltzer Variety Pack. Enjoy a month filled with unique flavors and health benefits. Use DRYJAN15 at checkout!

Responsible Enjoyment

Remember, LOKI has THC and is for adults over 21 only. [Disclaimer]

Learn More

To learn more about Weed Drinks this Dry January, please visit our FAQ page. You can find LOKI's answers to creating great cannabis-infused drinks there.


Dry January is an ideal time to try something new in your drink choices. The LOKI Cannabis-Infused Seltzer Variety Pack brings a unique, healthy, and tasty option, fitting well with your wellness goals. Celebrate a different Dry January with LOKI, where flavor and health come together.